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Be in the know about price hikes this April

We previously brought you the changes which are happening at the start of the new financial year, to your pay, pensions and benefits, but there are many more happening at the start of April that could affect you.

Here’s our little rundown on what is going up…


From yesterday, online renewals for passports have risen to £75.50 and postal applications have gone up £12.50 to £85.

The premium service (one day) has also increased to £177 and the week fast-track service up to £142 for adults.

Adult passports last for ten years and for children it’s five, also be cautious that if your passport expires in less than six months then some countries might refuse entry; you’d need to check this.

Council tax

The majority of councils (around 95%) are imposing a 3-6% rise on council tax for almost every band from 1st April.

So, if you currently pay an average of £2,074 a year in a Band E household, this could go up to £2,198 – an increase of £124.

Water bills

Although this increase is varying by region, there’s an average rise of £9 a year in England and Wales and £6 a year in Scotland.

NHS prescriptions

Prescriptions are going up by 20p in England only, so from 1st April are now costing £8.80.


Check-ups in England are increasing to £21.60, crowns or dentures will be £256.50 and tooth extractions are rising to £59.10 – all coming into effect from 1st April.

It’s estimated one in five patients have delayed treatment for reasons of cost.

Phone bill

This one varies depending on your provider but you’ll see an increase in your April mobile bill onwards. This is in line with the retail prices index (RPI) rate of inflation and it’s been confirmed for many that their EE bills will increase by 4.1%, O2 by 4% and Vodaphone by 3.6%.

If you’re in a monthly contract then you’re likely to see this rise but if you haven’t been contacted already then get in touch with your provider to find out.


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