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Book review: A Journey into Divine Love

Before I begin the short review of this book, I would like to share something that happened to me whilst I was actually reading it.

I’d had quite a challenging week, culminating in someone wanting to charge me to do something that wouldn’t cost them anything and would take about 10 minutes of their time, and was totally relating to supporting the local community. I would get no commercial benefit whatsoever.

This person was someone who purported to care about the community and social values. I was very angry. VERY ANGRY. I knew the anger was eating away at me but couldn’t stop myself. I went to bed that night feeling angry and, although I slept well, I woke up in the morning feeling angry. But I was reading A Journey into Divine Love before I got up and then, all of a sudden and not specifically relating to the section I was reading, the anger just dropped away. Just like that – it was gone. I was still upset and disappointed in this individual, but no longer angry.

A coincidence, or did the book move me to a place of love instead of anger?

The review:

A journey into Divine Love is a fascinating book, written with honesty and touches of humour throughout.

Although Katarina was happily married, she felt there was something missing in her life. This set her on a journey to find Pure Love which she describes as the greatest power in existence.

For Katarina, this was a long and challenging journey and must have tested her resolve, and the commitment of her loving husband, to its limits. But not only has Katarina finally found the Pure Love she was looking for, but she has also learnt how to accept this into her life within the constraints of her practice and her married life. Additionally, it has given her the tools to help others find Pure Love without the trials and tribulations she faced herself.

This isn’t a book that will win any literature prizes, but if you feel there is something missing in your life, this book might help you find a solution.

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