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Coffee Enemas

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First thoughts might be something like, ‘well why do people do this?’ and ‘why does something so ludicrous pop up, stay around always have people talking about it?’ Well the fact to the matter is, it works. Sure, the science isn’t well researched, its largely anecdotal and word of mouth. But if it works its works. Enemas are nothing new, humanity has been practising enemas as a useful tool in its collective healing arsenal for centuries [1] And coffee enemas are simply the newest and most powerful tool we have updated our arsenal with.

Why Coffee? And why the Butt?

Coffee has a lot of chemicals in it, that when introduced into the enterohepatic circulation via the rectum provoke profound physiological and biological processes in the body. Processes that improve weight loss, detoxification and can even induce mental or spiritual revelations. When we drink coffee orally, our stomach acid breaks down a lot of the chemicals, which is usually a good thing. We need to break things down so we can absorb them. But when we use an enema, these substances are untouched by our acid and other digestive enzymes, and compounds, such as palmetic acids kahweol [2] (perhaps a reference to the foundational Arabic word for coffee ‘qahwah’) and cafestol palmitate [3], as well as caffeine are absorbed straight into our enterohepatic circulation through our portal vein, and are delivered straight to our liver. These chemicals have profound physiological effects us, including increased antioxidant activity and dilation of blood vessels, bile and liver ducts. All of these effects are very helpful for our bodies, particularly when It comes to detoxification. Let’s break it down

Palmetic Acids

The main claim with palmetic acids is that, when introduced to the liver rectally, an enzyme known as glutathione reductase is boosted up to 700%. This is important because ‘Glutathione reductase catalyses the reduction of glutathione disulphide (GSSG) to the sulfhydryl form glutathione (GSH), which is a critical molecule in resisting oxidative stress and maintaining the reducing environment of the cell [4]. As you can imagine, detoxification causes a lot of oxidative damage, so having the ability to negate this oxidative damage is extremely helpful.


Caffeine has multiple ways it effects our body, not only to do with energy and mental focus from its effects on energy metabolism [5] added to its many protective mechanisms with regards to Neurodegenerative diseases[6]. But for now, however, I simply want to cover some of the immediate effects we experience from caffeine during a coffee enema.


Vaso (meaning circulatory system) and Dilation (meaning to enlarge or widen) means that your blood vessel relax, and allow blood to flow more easily, increasing flow on nutrient rich blood to where it needs to go. This works in a amazing positive feedback loop with the coffee enema, as the way the caffeine reaches your liver, where the fun really starts, is through your circulatory system.

Biliary Effects

Caffeine also has a dilating effect on the bile ducts. This works in a very similar way to Vasodilation, apart from it’s the bile ducts (and liver ducts) that dilate, instead of the blood vessels. this is really quite an amazing process as it not only allows the bile to drain from the liver and gall bladder very effectively, thinning and loosening the bile, but squeezing at quite some force too. This strong contraction of the gallbladder can force liver and gallbladder stones to be expelled through the bile ducts, which are bow dilated and large, allowing bigger stones to pass. Passing stone in this fashion is very safe and extremely beneficial for your health, especially as many people form these stones after eating a diet lacking in an appropriate amount of fat. But the benefits to increased bile flow don’t end there. Bile serves SO MANY purposes, and coffee enemas enhance its function in every way. Once the liver has processed the toxins, as mentioned above, the toxins are packaged up and prepared for excretion by the body, and they way it does this is loading it up into bile. Once packaged up into the bile, the bile is excreted through the gallbladder and into the bowel. Now the bile has reached the bowel we can take a look at the next incredible function of bile. I’m going to give you an example here. Have you ever tried to wash up an oily dish without washing up liquid? Its absolutely impossible, and that’s because oils and fats are hydrophobic, meaning that they don’t mix with water.

The way we can manage this problem is with emulsification [7]. Emulsification is the process where a substance, such as washing up liquid, is used to make a fat mix with water. This allows you to have nice, clean oil free dishes. This emulsification process also occurs in our guts, but instead of washing up liquid, we use bile. This bile has the obvious job of emulsifying any fat you consume from your diet, but it also has the job of cleaning. The epidemic of candida overgrowth, SIBO, and other dysbiosis based diseases are founded on the bodies innate cleaning and cleansing mechanisms faltering. One of the most significant of these mechanisms is bile. Just in the same way that dish soap cleans your dishes, bile cleans your intestines. The bile can brake up and disrupt biofilm and bacterial communities and it helps to keep everything in order.

Vagal Tone

Continuing with the cleaning and cleansing theme, we have gastrointestinal motility. Holding an enema, particularly coffee, is a great stimulant for the vagus nerve. Not only by the distension of the colon, but also by the compounds in the coffee. This is really a very significant effect, as the vagus nerve is responsible for a lot of parasympathetic nervous system function, particularly with regard to digestion, including but not limited to GI motility, stomach acid and enzyme secretion, including bile. This stimulation promotes the bodies natural cleansing mechanisms, which is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Coffee Enema Procedure

There’s no set way to perform a coffee enema, there are plenty of other guides, procedures and protocols. But I have I have more that my fair share of experience, so here’s a short guide.


The only requirement is an enema kit of some kind, I recommend a bag with an adjustable flow tap. You’re also going to need some coffee (of course) and organic is certainly preferable. You don’t need to but fancy “enema coffee” just the regular drinking kind is fine. Before you administer the coffee enema, its highly advisable to do some bowel prep, you could either do a water enema or two before the procedure, have a natural bowel movement, or take laxatives, preferable something more natural like a salt flush. Making sure your bowels are clean makes the coffee enema a lot more effective, and considerably easier to hold. I also like to skip dinner the night before, but that’s totally optional. You’re also going to want some towels, to lay on, and to prop your bum into the air.

The Enema

I’d start with one tablespoon in 2 cups of water and try to retain for 15 mins, and work your way up to 3 tablespoons in 4 cups of water. Boil the coffee for 15 minutes, then decant into a jar using a metal mesh filter, cool to ~38 – 40°C. You can lay in whatever position is most comfortable for you, everyone is different. it’s very important that you relax, or the coffee will not go in. Insert the enema tube about 5cm and gradually introduce the coffee into your bowel, take it slow, and RELAX! 

You can gently massage your abdomen to reduce cramps and help the coffee flow into you. Hold as long as you can, up to 15 mins, and then simply go to the toilet and expel. I like to use the 15 minutes as a good opportunity to meditate, be mindful, and have gratitude.

Afterwards I like to do a probiotic retention, insert some probiotics rectally and keep them retained. Alternatively you can add some probiotics to your coffee solution. You can clean your enema bag with soap and water. If you use your kit regularly that will probably be sufficient, otherwise you can use food grade hydrogen peroxide. Don’t share enema bags, and change your tubes every couple of months.


Something that isn’t emphasised nearly as much as it should be is aftercare. Coffee enemas are used as a tool to enhance detoxification, but detoxification is an expensive process, both energetically and nutritionally. If you’re going to use coffee enemas they must be used responsibly, as part of a complete holistic healing plan, with focuses on sleep, nutrition and stress management. 

I think coffee enemas are one of the most important pieces in the puzzle to me recovering from my illnesses, and now you know a little about why and how they help the body, hopefully you will be inspired enough to take the plunge and do something amazing for yourself. If you found this helpful, share it! Thank you for reading.

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