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concentrated beet juice beets those sleepless nights

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? A study recently published in the renowned journal Nature and Science of Sleep shows that consuming concentrated beetroot juice can improve sleep quality for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients. This patient group was chosen because they often struggle with sleep. However, the results of the study may also be good news for others who are struggling with sleep quality. It’s great news that a little shot of concentrated beetroot juice could help ‘beet’ those sleepless nights.

The benefits of beetroot have been acknowledged for some time and is one of the veggies included in the juices that form the basis of the Ten Day Total Reset.

This predominantly red root vegetable (you can also get white and golden beets) is packed with essential nutrients and is recommended by many health experts as a good addition to a healthy diet. Many of these benefits are due to their high content of inorganic dietary nitrates (not to be confused with dietary nitrite that comes from food additives found in processed meats and other process products which are carcinogenic.)

The beet juice used in the research was the concentrated Organic Beet It made by James White Drinks in Suffolk. The little 70ml shot contains 400mg of natural dietary nitrate; it is this vital ingredient that makes all the difference. After consumption, this is converted to Nitric Oxide in the blood system. Nitric Oxide is essential for a number of physiological processes that take place in the body. Many previous studies have shown that Nitric Oxide has contributed to increased levels of oxygen in the blood and improved distribution of oxygen to body tissues.

Harald Engan, who coordinated the research at the Norwegian Lung and Heart Hospital, said:

“I have participated in multi-national research projects that showed that consuming concentrated beetroot juice both improves the function of blood vessels in mountain hikers during altitude stays in The Himalayas and led to freedivers to utilize the oxygen in the blood better so that they can hold their breath longer. These experiments, as well as other beetroot juice studies, inspired us to investigate whether this natural and healthy vegetable juice can help patient groups who are in rehabilitation.”

The results from the study show that when COPD patients drank concentrated beetroot juice at bedtime, their overnight sleep quality improved and the duration of deep sleep episodes was increased.

Electrical impulses measured in the brain showed signs of increased sleep depth and the oxygen level in the blood was higher during parts of the night when patients consumed the concentrated beetroot juice.

Further information on Beet It beetroot juice can be found at www.beet-it.com. Made with just pressed organic beetroot juice blended and with 10% pressed organic apple to smooth its naturally sweet but slightly earthy taste, Beet It is a really delicious drink.

Beetroot juice is continuing to grow in popularity as more and more research is published, and people grow more aware of its health and sporting performance benefits.

Lawrence Mallinson, Managing Director, James White Drinks, commented:

 “Beetroot Juice was unheard of in the UK when we launched Beet It. We hit lucky when the medical and sports performance research teams started using Beet It over 10 years ago, for its naturally high nitrate content. Since then, Beet It has been used in more than 300 research projects worldwide. What is great is Beet It tastes so good that once health and sport conscious consumers get to try it, they stick with it. Great to know our concentrated beetroot juice can now help to promote a good night’s sleep.”

East Anglia is a great beet-growing area of the country, and this enables the company to ensure their local suppliers can organically grow the right varieties needed to provide a top-quality product whilst also supporting the local economy.

We hope this article helps ‘beet’ those sleepless nights but a quick word of warning: don’t be shocked if the beet juice turns your urine pink or red. It is not blood; it is just the natural colour pigmentation in beetroot and is totally harmless!


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Beet It image by Victoria Greensmith Photography

Beetroot image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

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