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Essential Safety Tips For Your Roller Garage Door

Having a garage has great benefits. It
provides your home with extra storage space and additional room and security
for some of those most valuable items such as your car. It’s crucial that your
garage door works correctly and is safe for all members of your family.

See below for some tips to make sure your garage door is safe and secure for daily use.

Teach Your Kids

It’s important to keep your remote control
out of the way of the younger members of your family. For you, it’s a key piece
of equipment but for younger minds, it’s more like a toy. This can be dangerous
on many levels, they can damage your door, car or cause serious injury to
others. Put your garage remote in a safe place so you can avoid unnecessary

Keep your kids safe and secure by teaching them what happens when they put their fingers in between the door sections and underneath closing doors. It’s important to make them aware to keep them safe.

Learn How it Works

By taking the time to ensure all family
members completely understand how your garage door works, it will help you in
everyday life as well as keeping users safe. If you’re unsure or have questions
about the mechanics, get in touch with your supplier and they’ll gladly answer
any questions regarding safety.

Make Sure It’s Fitted

Many roller garage doors are easy to fit if you
follow the instructions clearly. If you’re unsure about how to fit your garage
door safely, consult your supplier for technical advice and support. This way
you know that it is safe for use.

Maintain Your Door

You’ve got yourself a safely fitted roller garage door and you’ll
want to make sure that it stays that way. The best way to make sure that it is
safe for use is to check it regularly and have it serviced. Take a look every
few months for wear and tear so you can get it fixed and deter potential hazards.

Fully Close Your Door

When leaving your garage, ensure your garage
door is fully closed. A slightly ajar door is an accident waiting to happen. It
is also an inviting open door for potential intruders and animals.

Check the Safety Sensors

Your electric garage door can include
installed a Safety Edge safety feature. These are placed in the rubber seal on
the bottom of the door. Their job is to stop the door if it comes into touch
with an obstruction whilst the door is closing. To test a safety edge, start to
close the garage door and squeeze the rubber seal. The door should
automatically stop and slightly reverse. If this doesn’t happen, call a garage
door professional so they can come out and have a look at this and make any
essential repairs.

Keep Thieves Out

It’s a good habit to keep your garage door
remote inside rather than in your car. Although it may seem like a useful place
to keep it, this is one of the first places thieves will look for a remote.
Consider replacing it with a keychain remote instead.

By following these tips you’ll be able to
keep your garage door in good working condition and keep all those who use it
safe and secure.

EasyFit is one of the UK’s top suppliers of
both Roller and Sectional garage doors. Get in touch with them for any advice
you may need.

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