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Flybe customers – what you need to know

Have you been affected by the recent collapse of Flybe? Find out your consumer rights, what to do about future bookings and whether you can get your money back.

All Flybe flights and those operated by sister airline Stobart Air have been cancelled. Flybe was Europe’s biggest regional airline and employed around 2,000 people.

If you’re currently abroad

All Flybe and Stobart Air flights have been cancelled, so unless you have ATOL protection, which most won’t in this case because it covers package holidays which Flybe doesn’t do, you will have to arrange alternative travel, which might leave you out of pocket.

That said, you should check to see if you have ATOL protection, which is a scheme run by the government and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). It’s designed to make sure customers don’t lose money or end up stranded abroad in the event of an arline going bust. 

The Department for Transport says it’s asked bus and train operators to accept Flybe tickets, and some airlines are offering reduced price rescue fares. So far it has been announced:

  • Trains –  Avaniti West Coast, Great Western Railway, Hull Trains, London North Eastern Railway, South Western Railways and TransPennine Express, have all said they will allow passengers to travel free on their services on Thursday 5th March if they show a Flybe ticket or booking confirmation.
  • Flights – Easyjet has said it will offer a ‘rescue fare’ of £65, with a 15kg checked bag, until the end of May for customers with a Flybe booking reference.

Unfortunately, a lot of flights from other airlines have risen in price because of the demand.

Am I able to get my money back on my cancelled flight?

If you paid by credit card, then you may still be able to make a claim against your credit company under Section 75. This will generally only apply If the cost of your flights was over £100.

Your credit card company will still be liable even if you have only made a part payment. For example, part payment of a deposit even if this was less, provided your flight cost more than £100.

If you used a debit card to pay for your flight, Section 75 doesn’t apply to you. It is possible that you may still be able to make a claim using the chargeback scheme to get some or all your money back.

However, Chargeback is not enshrined in law and does not offer the same level of protection as Section 75. More information on Chargeback schemes can be found here.

If you booked through a travel agent, you should contact them as they may have provided travel insurance that includes scheduled airline failure insurance.

What about the additional cost and expenses I incurred as part of my holiday booking?

With Flybe, you just book flights, rather than package holidays which would be covered by ATOL protection.

If you can no longer go on your holiday because you can’t fly, and have booked hotels, car hire etc separately, you will have to try and get a refund from the individual providers (or try and get them moved to a new date).

If you can’t get refunds, you will have to try and get the money back from your insurer. However, you will only be covered if in your policy it states you are covered if the airline fails.  


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