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Home made Family corned beef

Billy’s home made Family corned beef

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Classic British corned beef, excellent served hot or cold. Hypoallergenic, gaps/carnevour friendly, perfect for sensitive stomachs.


  • 2kg Minced Beef

  • 1x Tbsp Salt


  • Place all mince and salt into a large pan
  • Pre-boil water in a kettle, once boiled add to pan, cover the meat and mix thoroughly to break all of the mince apart
  • Bring to a boil, once boiling, leave on a medium low heat for 4 – 5 hours untill 90% of the liquid has reduced. If water reduces too fast, add water, if its taking too much time, increase the heat
  • Once liquid has reduced 90% remove from heat, mix, and allow the beef to cool as it absorbs the juices
  • once cool (but not cold) transfer to jars or other storage containers, refrigerate or freeze as required


  • this recipe is designed to be barebones and basic so it can be digested by all. If well tolerated spices and other vegetables can be added (onions and garlic are fantastic) to improve flavour even further.
  • This corned beef keeps well in the freezer, simply leave in the fridge overnight to defrost and enjoy.
  • This recipe also scales very well. I’ve cooked up to 5kg of meat using this recipe with excellent results.
  • For an easy packed lunch (recipe image) mix raw egg yolks, grated beef tallow, and cold corned beef to a jar (olive oil if tolerated and salt to taste) and enjoy on the go!

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