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How To Create A Termite Resistant Kitchen

Termites may be tiny creatures but the damage that they can cause is certainly not. That’s why it’s important to keep your kitchen termite free entirely. These tiny creatures can find their way around your kitchen and furniture and wreak havoc, as property owners termites are a terrifying prospect and an infestation in your home causes nothing but misery. 

It is always advised to seek professional help when dealing with termite infestation but you can also implement some preventive measures to make it termite proof before you get too that stage. 

Choose Termite Resistant Material for Your Kitchen

Wood serves as an alluring option for termites as they feed off of the cellulose in the material. However, when you choose processed or engineered wood that contains chemical resins, it makes it significantly more difficult for termites to feed. Processed wood can help you repel termites, but it isn’t a foolproof solution to the problem, It will only minimise the risk of termites.

Chemically Treat the Wood

A good alternative to processed wood is chemically treating normal wood. Ideally the wood use should be treated before it’s utilised or installed. As previously mentioned the chemicals will help you prevent against termite invasion and you can effectively avoid damage to your kitchen and other furniture from happening because by termites and other insects. 

Pest Control

If you’re already infested with termites you’ll need a professional pest control team. By getting in professionals you’ll be able to remove any current termites and also get them to treat your interior wood. Your local pest control company will not only be able to provide this service but also offer advice as to how and why your home may be susceptible to these pests. By using professionals you’ll also be able to get them to inspect the entire house to ensure that they aren’t lurking anywhere else. If they are, you’ll want to get the whole house fumigated.

Clean Pipes

Maintaining hygienic and clean water pipes is actually a very helpful preventive measure for termites. Termites ustilise the water and moisture that can accumulate to plant their nests. By ensuring your water pipes are clean you avoid a termite infestation. Always make sure to flush out the water supply and drainage pipes regularly to avoid the risk of termites. If your pipes are leaking, it should be fixed as a priority, not only will you keep termites and other pests from getting comfortable, you’ll prevent further damage to your property. 

Make Your Kitchen More Sunny

Sunlight is a natural remedy for many problems in this world, including termites. With natural light entering your kitchen through doors and windows will help you reduce the risk of termite infestation effectively as termites can’t survive in the sunlight. 

Home Remedies

As a termite infestation is generally a time-sensitive situation, you have to act fast to control it. Home remedies can certainly prove to be helpful in a pinch. You can apply orange oil and boric acid to the area in which you find them, it’s a proven solution for hindering the growth of a termite infestation. Ideally you’ll still want to get in the professionals as some home remedies can be poisonous and flammable.

Check Your Kitchen Regularly

You should check your kitchen regularly for termite infestation and keep a track of any early signs or symptoms you may notice. This can include wood dust, shallow shutter noises, etc. These regular checks can help you prevent mass damages to your kitchen cabinets and other furniture.

Get Professional Help

If it’s too late for you to take preventive measures or control the situation on your own then it is always wise to call for professional help. Get exterminators to treat your home and ensure the infested area is treated chemically to get rid of the pests once and for all. 

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