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Jade is passionate about power of Pilates and yoga

Jade is passionate about Pilates and yoga for good reason. In 2011, she was told she would never take part in high-intensity sport again. But by embracing the power of Pilates and yoga she can now do everything she used to do before. And as an added bonus, Jade now has a new career helping other people benefit from these disciplines just as she has.

This is Jade’s story:

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After suffering damage to both of my anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) back in 2010, I was told I would never be able to take part in high-intensity sport again. This completely broke my heart as I had been working in the fitness industry since 2006 and absolutely loved it!

ACLs are the tough bands of tissue joining the thigh bone to the shin at the knee joint. The NHS says that knee ligament surgery restores the functioning of the knee in 80% of cases, but often a degree of swelling and pain remains. And, of course, almost 20% of these operations are not very successful surgery in restoring full function to the knee.

After my first knee surgery (I have had four), I started using Pilates classes as rehabilitation, with my last surgery being in 2016.

Jade loves doing Pilates and yoga with her two sonsFrom the beginning, I fell in love with Pilates and I am now back to doing everything I could do before the accident, running, tennis, rounders etc. Naturally, I wanted to share the fantastic benefits with everyone I could.

Without Pilates, I wouldn’t be able to be the active mum of the two boys I am today. My gorgeous boys are 9 (Oliver)  and 6 (Joshua).

Five years ago, I, unfortunately, went through a devastating divorce. This is when I found Yoga. Yoga helped rebuild my life, especially my mental state, and allows me to live and love life with my two children every single day.

As Pilates and yoga have had such a phenomenal impact on my life, both physically and mentally, I want to help do the same for others as there is absolutely nothing more rewarding than helping people lead happy, healthy lives. I wasn’t initially sure exactly how I would do that, but unforeseen circumstances led me in the right direction…

I have been teaching fitness classes at various gyms for the past 14 years. Like many other people, when lockdown happened in 2020, I put all my focus into my children, home-schooling, helping them to adjust to the changing world around them, ensuring they were ok.

And then gradually I introduced myself to the world of YouTube, posting a few videos to see the reaction that I would receive…

At first, the thought of teaching online didn’t appeal to me; I wasn’t sure of how I could connect to people that weren’t directly in front of me. I wasn’t sure how online teaching could sufficiently demonstrate the power of Pilates and yoga. How my views changed! I couldn’t believe how, by teaching online, I could create such a connection, a community vibe, it was incredible!

This is an example of Jade’s YouTube videos. CLICK HERE to view many more videos!

Reaching out to people all across the world was such a fantastic feeling that I wanted to branch out further and In January 2021 I set up a membership platform on my website Pilates and Yoga with Jude From this platform I am able to teach live Pilates and Yoga classes online, which gives me the opportunity to teach people all over the world and to spread my passion for Pilates and Yoga that I have wanted to do all along.

I now help people of all ages and abilities from around the world to improve their health and wellbeing with the power of Pilates and Yoga. Whether it be reducing the risk of injuries, improving agility for a specific sport, boosting mental wellbeing, creating a power-house core, or improving cardiovascular fitness without the need for impact, I aim to support everyone on their lifestyle change.

I have already helped so many, but a couple of examples:

Rebecca Morton is training for her second marathon:

“My body was protesting slightly with the intensity of my training. My hips particularly, I logged on and found ‘hips and hamstrings’, it was perfect, just what I needed, my hips are very grateful for your help.”

Carole Harvey – 67 years

“Joining Jade in 2021 has been the catalyst to my losing two stone. I love doing Pilates and yoga in the comfort of my own home, I feel proud of myself at 67 years old, it shows it’s never too late to get fit”

My passion for showing the power of Pilates and Yoga is stronger than ever and I want to continue to share my passion across the world.

I hope you will join our community and enjoy the benefits these two wonderful disciplines can offer.

With love


The Pilates and Yoga with Jade membership platform is currently (August 2021) just £8.99 per month.

There are seven different plans that you can follow online. Jade adds a new plan each month and they are all saved. The NEW Summer Sculpt plan launched on August 1st.

There are over 100 exclusive pre-recorded videos,  two new weekly videos are added every Sunday, these range between 15-30 minutes.

The live classes are accessed via the members’ area. All live classes are saved and are 45 minutes long.

As part of the Pilates and Yoga with Jade community, you are also welcome to join the members’ chat area.


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