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Joys of plant-based living by Karin Ridgers. Healthy Life Essex

But first, if you are thinking of going vegan, or even taking the flexitarian route and eating more plant-based food, I recommend you join us at the following event:

At the beginning of my plant-based journey

Over 20 years ago I decided to go vegan and have never had any issues, never had problems being catered for and every day I am thankful for that I found veganism! I have run information stalls, given talks in schools, run a popular vegan social group, run sell-out events and met the most incredible people.

Previously I went vegetarian like many people who decide to cut animal flesh from their eating habits. However, with the abundance of plant-based foods, amazing vegan festivals, vegan magazines, vegan celebrities and experts I am seeing more and more people jumping straight from their meat eating habits to a plant-based diet and they are loving it.

For some food has become boring and when you go plant-based a whole new world of food opens up before you. Come to Plant Powered and VegfestUK to see for yourself! You’ll be absolutely amazed at the wonderful array of colourful and tasty food available.

Launching VeggieVision

I have always loved presenting. So one day I thought I would combine the two and I set up VeggieVision TV, my website. I love working on this and have some exciting plans. I love showing new vegan products, interviewing interesting people, offering delicious vegan-friendly recipes and restaurant reviews. I have been to some incredible restaurants and hotels and spoken to them about how to cater well for vegans as I have always wanted to make life easier for future vegans – including my son!

Increasing awareness

Social media has certainly helped get veganism out there more – from showing the horrors of factory farming to showing the stunning plant-based foods that everyone can enjoy.

Also, I feel it is no coincidence that awareness has constantly increased over the past 20 years – as long as VegfestUK has been running and I am delighted to be super friends with Tim Barford the founder and manager as well as being the promoter and presenter for VegfestUK too.

The festivals started in Bristol where Tim and the team are based. We then launched in Brighton several years later and it was a super success with 1,000s of people visiting. We then took the show to London Olympia and even went to Glasgow a couple of times too.

The feedback I get is amazing. People have their eyes opened to the abundance of vegan options – and this is what will be at the coming Plant Powered Expo too…..

More about Plant Powered Expo

There will also be over 200 exhibitors showcasing a huge amount of egg-free cakes, plant-based snack bars, dairy-free “cheezes”, all the dairy-free “mylks” you need to try, vegan “meats”, dairy-free chocolates, delicious sauces, tasty halva spreads, animal-free “mayonnaise”, boosting superfoods, gelatine free supplements, fresh juices and smoothies, alongside vegan skincare, CBD products, clothing, leather-free bags, aromatherapy products, essential oils, natural shower products and much more.

Enjoy the exhibitors stands at VegFest and Plant Based Expos

I am delighted to be hosting several panels with some amazing people. We have a journalist panel, a natural and vegan beauty panel and a dating and relationships panel. I get to hang out with the most amazing people – and share the stage with them!

Areas include Health, Environment, Lifestyle, Fitness, Food Growing, on top of 3 Cookery Theatres looking closely at the makings of International Cuisine, Vegan Fast Food and Artisan Food, also including classes on how to make staples like plant-based milks, fermented cheeses, chocolates, cheesecakes, pastries, seitan and other plant-based food options!

Plant Powered Expo and VegfestUK are well worth the visit and are ideal no matter what your current diet! They are both perfect for anyone taking part in Veganuary – something I knew about 6 years age before it was a thing!

My advice to anyone looking to change to a plant-based diet is to sign up to Veganuary for the helpful tips and advice. Join local vegan groups on social media and speak to your local health food store owner who can give you some great advice.

So, the 3 musts I’ll ask of you are:

Check out www.veggievision.tv

Listen in to my weekly radio show https://www.phoenixfm.com/category/house-of-fun/

And come and say hi at www.plantpoweredexpo.co.uk

Karin Ridgers talking about the joys of plant-based livingKarin Ridgers is the founder of www.veggievision.tv a popular vegan-friendly website

Karin is also the main live presenter at VegfestUK on the main stage too. She introduces the top acts, presents the awards and is the moderator for the debates which are filmed in front of a live audience as well as streamed live worldwide.

Combining her love of radio Karin now has a popular radio show every Friday from 6pm to 8pm on Essex-based Phoenix FM.

Karin has interviewed experts, local people as well as high profile celebrities and has taken part in 100’s radio interviews – all promoting how easy, fun, healthy and kinder it is to lead a vegan life.

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