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Learning difficulties and Coronavirus – Healthy Life Essex

Coping with the constraints of coronavirus is challenging and stressful for most of us. For those with learning difficulties, this is even more challenging. Even as we may try to shield them, they will sense our concerns and fears.

Here are a few resources that you might find useful:

Empowering people through pictures

Beyond Words have shared a resource they have created to help people have conversations about the virus, discuss their fears and build a bit of reassurance through better understanding.

Beating the Virus is still in development but they wanted to make it available as quickly as possible so the black & white version is available now, free of charge, from their website.

Children’s books about mental health

5 Children’s Books That Teach Valuable Lessons About Feelings and Mental Health










These books are designed to help children understand feelings and mental health, but they may also be suitable for people of varying ages with learning difficulties. More information…

The Power of Technology

Ability Net can help people with disbilities


AbilityNet provides a range of information and free factsheets for people with a range of learning and physical disabilities. The factsheets provide advice and information about how computers and other digital technologies can help people with a range of conditions and impairments. Although not specifically related to the coronavirus crisis, being able to use technology may help many people with learning difficulties cope with the situation.  Read more here.

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