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Oh Villanised Sun

I’m actually startled at how afraid people are of the sun. we’ve evolved under this sun, generations and generations of offspring play naked throughout the day, its absolutely part of our life and is essential for us to maintain good health. I refuse to believe that the sun is responsible for causing disease, there’s must be something going on under the surface, wow! How appropriate, let’s talk about subcutaneous fat.

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous can be broken down into sub (under) and cutaneous (skin) essentially, the later of fat under out skin. Humans developed this advantageous fat deposit as a way to insulate the rest of the body, the fat is kind of like a layer of clothing you wear under your skin, and when you’re all out of food, you can burn it for energy. Undoubtedly an incredible evolutionary advantage, now our diets have changed so radically, and our environment is so polluted, it’s becoming a disadvantage instead.


Traditionally, our palaeolithic ancestors firstly, would never have been obese. Merely surviving was so challenging that even having enough food to eat to survive was a constant struggle. And secondly, as the paleolithic diet suggests, the diet would primarily consist of meat and animal fat. Considering our human bodies also consist primarily of meat and animal fat, this isn’t really surprising to me. Because of this, we would have has a certain composition of fatty acids stored in our subcutaneous fat. These fats, like animal fats, would be primarily saturated in nature, and therefore very resistant to oxidation. This would provide good protection from the radiation from sunlight. With modern diets being much higher in polyunsaturated fats like soybean, canola, sunflower and rapeseed oils, the fatty acid composition in the subcutaneous fat layer has changed. When these unsaturated fatty acids are exposed to oxygen or heat they oxidase rapidly and become rancid. This can cause oxidative damage in the body causing inflammation and tissue damage.

Environmental Toxins

Our world is so polluted. Most water sources, even drawn from organic land are contaminated with glyphosate, an agricultural herbicide and mineral chelator. Glyphosate is considered a probable carcinogen [1] meaning it’s likely to cause cancer. Glyphosate is just one exposure of many including mercury and other heavy metals, plastic residues like BPA, and unfortunately the list goes on and on and on. Fortunately for us, our bodies are amazing! We have innate and natural detoxification systems that clean these toxins and poisons from our bodies. An amazing way to enhance this ability is fasting. The main reason fasting can be so helpful is that when the body hasn’t the time to process these toxins from the body, they get stored, and all of the above mentioned toxins are fat soluble, so they are stored in fat. Some like mercury have an affinity for specific tissues like myelin, the fatty insulator of neurons in the nervous system and the brain, but others will be stored in the subcutaneous fat. These toxins in the fat can also be responsible for diseases often blamed on sun exposure.

How can I Protect Myself?

Well clearly, before you do anything else you have to clean up your diet and reduce your exposure to environmental toxins. Assuming you’ve done all you can there, you can start with graduated exposure. As you increase sun exposure on a regular basis your body will adapt and become more resistant to the suns rays by producing more melanin as a protective mechanism, and as a result you get a tan – who doesn’t want a healthy sexy looking tan? Your target is to have as much exposure as you can without burning. If you’re burned you’ve overdone it. Once your skin is dark enough you’ll be able to withstand the sun for the whole day. As your body is adapting, you can provide a little protection with just plain coconut oil. it has an SPF of around 4 – 6, it’s also a largely saturated fat and is incredibly moisturising and beneficial for your skin. By the same token you can absolutely rub tallow or other animal fats all over yourself, but I think most will find that less appealing than coconut oil. You can also apply coconut oil or tallow if you’ve been burned as a sort of after sun to sooth the inflammation and cool the burn. Another great natural remedy for sunburn is Aloe vera. The Egyptians, who as you imagine would spend days out in the baking sun would revere Aloe for its healing properties, especially dealing with burns of any kind. If you have a live Aloe plant you can cut off some leaves and either peel the skin or squeeze the pulp out of the skin, then simply rub all over the burn.

Being in the sun is a significant part of how we evolved. Our circadian rhythm is dictated by sunlight, we synthesise hormones like vitamin D when skin is exposed to sunlight, and were only just touching the surface of how the important the suns rays are for our health, but anecdotes and past wisdom speaks for itself. This blog explores light therapy practised years ago, and even Hippocrates the father of western medicine was known to prescribe sun worship for many ills.

Try for 30 mins a day if you can, and be sure to get as naked as possible! I want you out there with your shirt of at a minimum! But I’d be even more impressed if I see a pair of pale butt cheeks soaking in that sun.

Stay healthy, stay sexy, have fun. I love you all

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