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Save on energy this Christmas

Food, drink and presents might be at the front of your mind when you think of Christmas, but the costs don’t stop there. From running your Christmas lights, to cooking the festive feast, your Yuletide celebrations can have a massive impact on your energy bills as well.

So what better time is there to think about how you can save on your gas and electricity? Here, we share some helpful tips and hints to cut the amount of energy you use and slash your bills.

Turn on the green lights

No, we’re not telling you how to colour coordinate your tree. But when you’re out buying some extra Christmas decorations this year, think about getting some LED fairy lights.

According to Which? it costs on average £8.94 to keep your Christmas lights on during December. With energy efficient LED ones, it only costs 90p!

Switch to save

The average household could save £300 a year by switching energy supplier, according to the regulator Ofgem. Now that’s nearly enough to pay for Christmas on its own.

Switching is easy and should take no more than 21 days from start to finish. There won’t be any break in your supply and the only difference you’ll notice is the company sending you the bill.

Even if you’re renting, you’re allowed to switch energy provider, so don’t let that put you off.

Use comparison sites

Your first step to switching energy supplier is to get onto some comparison sites and find the best deal. But don’t just use one because not all companies are on all comparison sites.

All you need is information about your current tariff and how much you’re currently spending so you can make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Other ways to save energy

While switching energy supplier is the best way to save money, there are many other ways to cut back on the amount of gas and electricity you use.

Turning down your thermostat by just 1oC could cut 10 per cent off your energy bills. Yes, we know it can get cold in December, so why not make better use of your tacky festive jumper and keep it on rather than turn on the heating.

While you might want to keep the fairy lights on, there’s no need to keep the rest of the house lit up like a Christmas tree. Make sure you turn you lights off when you’re not using them and switch to energy efficient LED bulbs.

And when you’re done watching a Christmas film on the TV, make sure you turn it off at the wall rather than leaving them on standby. This could save you £30 a year, which could cover next years turkey.

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