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STARS needs some help. Equipment volunteers. Healthy Life Essex

Our goal is to help service users regain control, change the direction of their lives, grow as a person and live life to its full potential.

STARS needs some items to support their work (see below.) and is always happy to chat with anyone interested in volunteering.

What does STARS do?

We support these vulnerable adults with bettering their lives free from active substance misuse and supporting people back into housing and jobs. We offer peer mentoring and volunteering to clients that have achieved their goal of being drug and alcohol-free. People who have overcome their addictions can be the best people to support others at the beginning of their journey, so if this resonates with you and you are interested in volunteering, we would love to have a chat.

Within our service, we have a Recovery Academy where the clients can come in and feel safe and warm. We arrange various activities such as pool competitions, computer groups, art groups, and meditation groups. We also have a chicken club where our kind volunteers cook our clients a hot meal once a week.

We love listening to our clients and, recently, we have been asked to facilitate Fishing Groups which we have previously run but unfortunately, the rods need to be replaced.

We also have a lot of homeless clients who struggle with clothing especially in the winter months. Anything that we could use that could support our clients with a better life would be welcome.


STARS needs fishing equipment

Fishing equipment

We currently have quite a lot of people who enjoy fishing and it would be great to get them out in the fresh air enjoying this hobby. But our fishing groups need some equipment. Do you have any rods or any other fishing-related equipment you could spare?

Craft and art supplies

Wool/knitting needles/crochet hooks/cross stitch

Any coloured pens/pencils/paint of any description/canvases/paper/card

Kitchen equipment

We run a café which is open for teas/coffees every day, and a hot meal once a week. We constantly struggle to keep the kitchen supplied with crockery/mugs & cutlery, tea towels and hand towels.

Computer accessories

Benefit Claims, bidding for housing, GP access, and online peer support for drug and alcohol issues are all accessed online these days. Any equipment you have such as screens and printers would be extremely helpful.

If you can help, please contact Paula Lee:

Telephone: 01702 461889 or email: paula.lee@cgl.org.uk

STARS website



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