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The Insider’s Guide To Saving Money On Carpets

UK Home Improvements is dedicated to all the aspects of Home Improvement and Interior Design and today we’re looking into the top money saving tips when it comes to new carpets.

In your search for new flooring you may have come across the term “carpet remnant” or “carpet offcut”. Now, you may think that by the way they are described that “offcuts” or “remnants” are just waste material, not good enough for your beautiful home. However, this could not be further from the truth.

The image that is associated with remnants is partly
down to how carpet retailers all over the UK communicate with the public. Just
because it’s affordable does not mean it is of any lesser quality. Remnants are
actually a great way of securing a higher quality, luxury carpet for much less.

So what is a remnant? Well, they’re essentially smaller rolls of carpet that are sold as is – i.e. you buy the entire roll that’s left, even if it’s a few metres over what you need, rather than purchase a single piece that fits your exact room size measurements (and is cut to spec off a larger roll). Doing this helps retailers clear room in the warehouse for new stock, so the savings on offer can be anything up to a huge 90% off RRP.

the negative reputation of the carpet remnant

It is falsely believed that remnants are odd and leftover pieces of broadloom from a previous installation, i.e. offcuts that were not used in a previous carpet fitting. This is simply not the case. While it’s true that remnants are usually the ends of carpet rolls (often around 6 metres or less), they are bought directly from the manufacturer. If you shop with a specialist supplier, like Designer Carpet, you’ll have access to a number of premium and heritage brands that might usually be out of your price range such as Alternative Flooring, Brintons, Crucial Trading, Kersaint Cobb and Westex.

benefits of using carpet remnants

Aside from the huge savings on offer, another benefit
of purchasing a carpet remnant is convenience. Online remnant retailers are
able to offer a much bigger selection than local stores (which are limited by
space), so there are thousands of colours, sizes and materials to choose from,
increasing your chances of finding one that suits your requirements. As they
are all in stock, the dispatch and delivery times are also quicker than
ordering carpet to spec, meaning you can usually get hold of your remnant
within a couple of days – perfect if you need something quickly.

Outside of the personal benefits, carpet remnants are a more sustainable option, too, for those who care about the environment. By stocking the end of rolls and selling them to grateful homeowners, it means less waste going to landfill. Some particularly shrewd buyers realise that they are able to carpet their home and still have enough left over to turn into a bespoke rug or door mat.

once it’s gone, it’s gone

When shopping for a remnant you should be aware that
once a particular piece has been sold, it cannot be simply restocked. If you
spot something you like – in the right size, colour and material – you should
try to act quickly, reserving the stock as soon as you’re comfortable. The
worst thing is seeing your perfect new carpet sold at the last minute to
another lucky homeowner.

That said, don’t be impulsive and forget to do your research before – you should still request for a sample to be sent out so you don’t suffer buyer’s remorse.

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