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What is a Freedom Pass and at what age can you get it?

The Freedom Pass is a travelcard for qualifying Londoners that offers free access to public transport across the Transport for London network.

This includes London Underground, Overground, buses and trams, as well as some TfL Rail and National Rail services.

What age do you get a Freedom Pass?

If you were aged 60 or over on the 6th of April 2010 then you automatically qualify for a Freedom Pass. However, as the pension age moves from 60 to 65, the eligibility age for a Freedom Pass will gradually increase to age 65 until the 5th of April 2020.

The quickest way to check if you’re eligible is to enter your date of birth on the Freedom Pass website.

Can I get a Freedom Pass?

If you live in a London Borough and meet the age requirements, you can apply for a Freedom Pass. You can apply for a disabled person’s Freedom Pass if you live in a London Borough and have any of the statutory disabilities listed in the Transport Act 2000.

The Transport For All site has a good guide to who may be eligible for a Freedom Pass.

How do I get a 60 plus Oyster card?

If you’re over 60, but still too young for a Freedom Pass, a 60+ Oyster card could be a good option. It still provides free travel on the London Underground, Overground, trams and buses, as well as some TfL Rail and National Rail services, but you can’t use your pass outside of London. The card has a one-off £20 administration fee.

You can apply online from two weeks before your 60th birthday. For more information on the application process on the TfL website.

How do I get my Freedom Pass?

The London Councils site has all the instructions you need to apply for a Freedom Pass online or by post.

You will need to provide proof of your age or disability, as well as proof of your London address. This could include your passport, birth certificate, letters from your bank or utility bills. You’ll also need a clear passport style picture to be used on the card.

How long does a Freedom Pass take to arrive?

London Councils suggest that it should take around 10 working days to receive your Freedom Pass after your application has been received and processed. For a disabled person’s Freedom Pass it could take 4 weeks.

Where can I use my Freedom Pass?

You can use your Freedom Pass on all London buses and trams, and if it has a rose on it, it’s also valid for bus journeys across England. For trains, check the network map for the routes and restrictions for using your Freedom Pass.  

Does a Freedom Pass work on trains?

Your Freedom Pass works on all services operated by Transport for London. As well as buses, tubes and trams, this also covers some TfL Rail and National Rail train services. You can see which lines are included with your pass on the network map.

How do I use my free travel pass on the train?

You should be able to tap in with your Freedom Pass in a similar way to using an Oyster Card. If the gates aren’t working for any reason, a member of staff at the station should let you through.

If a ticket inspector comes round when you’re on the train, just show them your Freedom Pass. Remember that not all rail services within London are included with your Freedom Pass, so you might be asked to pay for a ticket on some lines.

Can you use your Freedom Pass before 9 am?

On some TfL Rail and National Rail train services, you are not allowed to use your Freedom Pass before 9.30am on weekdays. You can still use your pass on the Underground, Overground, bus or tram at any time.

Check the network map to see which lines this restriction applies to.

Can you use a Freedom Pass anywhere in the UK?

If your Freedom Pass has a rose on it, you can use it on bus services across England. English bus passes (including the Freedom Pass) won’t work on buses in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland although you may be able to get concessionary fares.


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