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Why powder coating your radiators can improve their performance

Ensuring your radiators are
performing at their best is really important at this time of year. The autumn
and winter months bring with them some really cold mornings and bad weather
during the day and therefore you want your house to be nice and warm.

In this article, we are going to look at why powder coating can improve your radiator’s performance. This may not be something you have considered before, but no matter if you’re refurbishing an old radiator or just wanting to change the colour of a new one, powder coating is a fantastic option.

You may have heard about
powder coating but perhaps associate it more with manufacturing and industrial
processes. For this reason, you may not have thought that it could benefit you
at home. In actual fact, there are a variety of things around your home which
can be powder coated, but for this article lets focus on your radiators.

As mentioned, it’s crucial
that your radiators are working at their best during autumn and winter. Due to
the cold weather, you will likely be using your central heating more frequently
and rely on it for more things. It’s not just a case of heating your home first
thing in the morning and later in the evening, but there is also the need to
dry clothes on radiators more often than at other times of the year.

So, how can powder coating help? Well, it’s first worth understanding how powder coating works. This is a process which relies on the ability to create a charge between objects to help bind them. Powder coating allows you to paint metals without using a liquid-based paint, instead using dry paint powder.

The target piece of metal is placed in a sterile environment and has an electronic charge put through it. The paint powder is placed in an electrostatic paint gun which is powered by compressed air. This paint gun also contains an electrode which gives the paint powder a positive charge as it leaves the gun. By creating a difference in charge between the target piece of metal and the paint powder, they are attracted to each other, which helps the paint stick to the metal. Once the metal has been thoroughly coated, it is baked in an oven which further strengthens the bond between the metal and paint, creating a highly durable finish.

The reason powder
is beneficial to radiators is
because of the impact it has on their heat output. When compared to surfaces
such as polished metal, powder coating has a greater emissivity rating. This
means it is better at radiating heat from the surface. For a radiator, this is
obviously vital. If you’re able to get more heat from your radiators simply by
changing the outer coating, this can impact how long you need to run them,
which could save you money in the long run.

While shiny mirrored surfaces
may be more to your taste and fit in with your bathroom or kitchen, the
effectiveness of a powder coating finish can improve the performance of your
radiators. You can also powder coat your radiators in any colour, so you will
be able to find a colour which works in your home if this is something you’re
interested in.

Powder coating is a process
which needs an expert with the correct facilities and equipment to carry out
correctly. It is therefore worth finding providers in your local area and
discussing it with them.  

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